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Freelance radio- and podcast producer


Photo: Roos Koole

Lotte van Gaalen (1990) studied to be a documentary filmmaker. After directing her first film for Dutch public television, she switched to working in radio.


Her first audiostory Aanraken (2015) was broadcast by the VPRO's Toendra. In that same year she won the Korte Golf audience award. Later she contributed to podcasts like Het leven, een gebruiksaanwijzing (VPRO), Luisterruit (a creative branded podcast for the Dutch Railways), Dokter Corrie’s Eerste Keren (NTR, a show for pre-teens with short personal stories about love and sex) and De Locker (animated shorts for teens about sex and consent). She also made audio documentaries like Met of Zonder God (NTR) about losing and finding faith, Dagboek van Dora (VPRO) about the diary of her great-grandmother, or De geschiedenis van het vrouwelijk orgasme (VPRO) on historical and contemporary perspectives of female sexuality.

 Lotte also produces audio stories for museums, dance- and theater companies, and art spaces. Her work addresses topics like family relationships, sexuality and religion. 

Lotte often contributes to English-spoken productions as a researcher, fixer, tape sync, translator or voice-over. In these capacities she has worked for 99 Percent Invisible, BBC World Service, Bellingcat, Pineapple Street Studios and Sound Made Public. 

Below is some of her work in English or with English captions.

Want to get in touch? Reach out via email: mail@lottevangaalen.nlInstagram or LinkedIn.

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